Services and fees
Manuscript Evaluation

I give comments about the overall structure, tone, style, language (whatever is pertinent to the piece as a whole)  and sample editing of 2-3 pages.

The flat fee for an evaluation ranges from 225.00 (for poetry)  to 325.00 (for fiction/nonfiction), depending on type of manuscript, nature of the draft, and length.

Individualized proposals are given for developmental editing, substantive editing, writing, rewriting, and ghostwriting.

Hourly rates vary depending on the type of service.

See links below for general information about industry editing practices and rates.
Rate information
Tips on hiring an editor

Services offered
Book draft evaluation

Developmental editing
Substantive editing

Consultation to start/produce book

Writing, rewriting, ghostwriting
Book trailers

Consultations are by phone, Zoom,  or email.  

If you're unsure about working with an editor, take a writing class or form a group with other supportive writers.

Even finding one other person to share your writing with on a semi-regular basis is valuable. And remember, the process of writing can also be light and fun; it doesn't need to be heavy and serious. One of the joys of being in a group is interacting with other artistic people.

You can contact me here to learn more.