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Editing, Becoming Love-able: How

a Man Can Grow to be a More Loving Partner  by Richard Matzkin, Spring 2023; Editing, Ageless Love: The Sexy Science of Falling in Love Forever by Barbara R. Grossman, Ph.D. and Michael J. Grossman, M.D, August 2022; Editing and book trailer for leaves and their tree by Paris Jessie, 2021; Editing, typesetting, book trailer for SASS  by Erika Verónica Brown, 2021; Editing for MANI-festo: A Call for Men to Become Warriors for Kindness by Richard Matzkin, 2020;

Writing, Honorable Mention, Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry, Nimrod International Journal, 2019.

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I've worked with beginning and experienced writers in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for over twenty years.  What I've learned is that each editor has a different approach, and each writer has a different voice and process. My goal is to help writers remain true to themselves while meeting the professional expectations in their genre. Whether the writer is a physician, therapist, poet, or musician, the  most original and fulfilling work occurs when a writer's voice and creative process are allowed to fully develop.


BA in English and MA in English as a Second Language  

My Background and Approach

​​​​Publications and Performances
"In Your Mind Only," "Where to Start," and "Cosmic Andagi," Chiburu: Anthology of Hawai'i Okinawa Literature, edited by Lee A. Tonouchi, Spring 2023; "Little Bird: Songs for Children" lyrics, music, performance by Pianta, 2020"Uchinanachu," "Mother," "Father,"Nimrod International Journal, Fall 2019; "Haku," with Kumu Hula Kapena and Kumu Hula Lokelani, Adirondack Review, Fall 2019;"True Story," Metafore, Spring 2019; “Air,” “Ethnobotany,”and“The Well We Drink From,San Diego Reader, April 2016, “Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres,”  "Before,” San Diego Poetry Annual 2014 – 2015, March 2015.

Partial listing. CV upon request